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Webinar: Remaining Visible on a Digital Age

ILCMA & WCMA Summer Conference Webinar Series: Remaining Visible in a Digital Age


It’s time to rethink your approach to communications to invigorate community engagement.  With digital communications, you can enhance public awareness, improve citizen involvement, and transform services to cultivate a happier community. Learn how communities are becoming more involved, engaging with government on multiple channels and increasing access to services and life-saving information.

Session Takeaways: 

  1. (Re)-invigorate your communications strategy to inspire action from your constituents
  2. Save time and resources by utilizing a seamless digital platform
  3. Reach and engage more people in your community

Addresses ICMA Practice Areas:

  1. Community Engagement 9. Community and Resident Service 14. Communication and Information Sharing

Speaker:  Shawn Pillow, Director of Solutions Consulting, Granicus

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