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Houseal Lavigne Associates LLC

Houseal Lavigne Associates is an award-winning consulting firm specializing in all areas of community planning, urban design, and economic development. Houseal Lavigne Associates has worked with more than 250 communities across the country during the past ten years, directing a wide range of planning and design related assignments. Houseal Lavigne Associates provides a fresh approach to urban planning and design, a strong familiarity with contemporary development practices, an insightful understanding of market and economic analysis, the integration of cutting edge technologies, and an effective ability to conduct engaging community outreach. Our Firm is able to meet the unique challenges facing communities today by developing creative solutions that ensure compatibility between the existing, new, built and natural environments. In 2014, Houseal Lavigne Associates was awarded the American Planning Association Excellence Award for an Emerging Planning and Design Firm. Together, with multiple APA Chapter Awards in several different states for planning, implementation, and outreach, Houseal Lavigne Associates has established a national reputation for excellence and innovation.

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Daniel Gardner
188 W. Randolph St
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Chicago IL 60601
Phone: 312-372-1008 ext 105
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