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Western Illinos Regional Council/Community Action Agency, Chief Executive Officer

The Boards of Directors of both the Western Illinois Regional Council (WIRC) and the Community Action Agency (CAA) are searching for an accomplished and aspiring CEO who shares the vision and passion to work to grow its rural service region and to provide a variety of services to improve the lives and opportunities for the residents. The Western Illinois Regional Council is a multifaceted organization comprised of two agencies under one roof with the mission of human services and technical assistance. The WIRC (founded in 1973) is a nonprofit community and economic development organization offering a variety of technical assistance to the governments in its six-county service region.

The CAA (founded in 1982) is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation that provides services to the low income and in- come eligible through the provision of life’s basic necessities. Victim Services operates under the CAA and provides assistance to victims of violence; specifically domestic violence and sexual assault/abuse, in addition to offering programs to educate and end the cycle of violence. The WIRC-CAA is located in Macomb, Illinois and operates with a staff of approximately 50. The Agency will open a branch office in Galesburg, Illinois in September of 2023. If interested, please contact Anthony Michelic at or 817.915.4156


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