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Financial Support

Number of Grantees

The ILCMA has established a grant to serve as an underwriting incentive for scholarship projects. The number of grantees is limited only by the dollars budgeted for this purpose by the ILCMA Board. It is possible that during any year no funds will be budgeted and no grants will be awarded.


Applicants must submit their proposal for funding to the ILCMA before they begin their participation. There are no specific deadlines; however, applicants are subject to the ICMA deadlines. They need to coordinate their contact to the ILCMA and ICMA accordingly.

Maximum Award

The maximum award per applicant is the lesser of $1,500 or 100% of travel expenses, plus an additional $500 grant for expenses incurred while abroad. The $1,500 figure is based upon an estimate by ICMA for travel to Australia. Therefore, it should be sufficient to other destinations. The participant must provide supporting documentation as required for advanced travel payment.

Other Costs

Other costs for the Exchange Program are to be borne partially by the international sponsor and partially by the Illinois participant. Costs for the Study Tour Program and other programs are borne by the participant.


An ILCMA member may receive the ILMCA International Scholarship one time over the course of his/her membership in ILCMA.


The ICMA and its staff will assist with the lodging and activity details for the participants.

The respective Illinois and international participants must handle their own travel arrangements (i.e., flight reservations, passport, visa, etc.); however, the ICMA staff is prepared to advise the participants.


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