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ILCMA International Scholarship Program

Application Information

The purpose of the ILCMA International Scholarship Program is to encourage Illinois managers, administrators, and assistants to expand their horizons. Participants can gain knowledge and improve their skills by interacting with their counterparts in other nations.

The ILCMA members at large can gain professionally when participants share information related to their international program experience.

The scholarship is primarily designed to help underwrite participation in the International City / County Management Association (ICMA) International Exchange Program; however, other viable programs can be eligible.

To apply, view the ILCMA Application Process.

For more information, contact ILCMA at 815-753-5424.

Financial Award

The maximum award per applicant is the lesser of $1,500 or 100% of travel expenses, plus an additional $500 grant for expenses occurred while abroad.

In return, those awarded a grant must commit to sharing the results of their experience with the ILCMA membership. This is in the form of a workshop during the next ILCMA Winter Conference, writing a brief article for publication in City-County Management in Illinois, and other appropriate methods of communication that the applicant may suggest. Participants may also bring their international exchange partner to ILCMA functions to meet and greet members.