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Schneider Electric

As a local government leader, you have a vision for your community. Perhaps you want to prepare for growth and promote economic development. Or find solutions that maximize public funds and address critical infrastructure needs. Along the way, you might also need to improve street lighting, modernize water/wastewater utility systems, implement remote read water meters, upgrade facilities or create a technology web that spans all your departments – and that’s just the beginning.

You want to create an environment that fosters success and community engagement. You know modern infrastructure and technology help promote growth and attract new businesses, residents, and students. But the price of success is increasing along with your operating costs. At every turn, you’re competing for the funding needed to support your strategic goals. And it seems there’s never enough time, money or expertise to make the big strides you envision.

We can help you prepare your community or school for the future with a comprehensive capital recovery and reinvestment program. At Schneider Electric, we help make your vision a reality.

Schneider Electric is committed to helping schools, universities, military installations and municipalities reach big ambitions through energy savings performance contracts. These unique projects can be implemented by most publicly funded entities to achieve substantial operational and energy savings.

These types projects offer many long-term benefits such as improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort, sustainability, financial management and environmental protection. Over the past 28 years, Schneider Electric has successfully implemented more than 810 ESPC projects across the nation, saving its clients more than $2.7 billion.

Schneider Electric delivers Proven Results & Performance Integrity:

  • Ranked #1 ESCO by third-party research company Guidehouse in 2020 (formerly Navigant)
  • 800+ Guaranteed energy savings projects nationwide
  • Over $1.7B in guaranteed energy savings
  • Recognized on the list of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” award for past 8 years

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