Strengthening the quality of local governance through professional management



Have you wanted to get more involved with ILCMA, but just haven’t gotten around to it?  Well, now’s  your chance as the following 2018-2019 Committees need members:

ILCMA Conference Committee
Chair – Pres Elect – Ray Rummel, Elk Grove Village
Co-Chair – Vice President –  Ken Terrinoni, Boone County

The Conference Committee shall plan and organize the summer and winter conferences. The Conference Committee shall be divided into two subcommittees in order to divide the labor of planning the conferences.   The Committee make-up shall be as follows: two representatives from each affiliate (one to serve on the Summer Conference Subcommittee and one to serve on the Winter Conference Subcommittee) and a representative from the host cities for the summer and winter conference when appropriate. There should also be geographic representation on each of the Subcommittees.

Summer Conference Committee – Eagle Ridge, Galena, IL – June 4 – 7, 2019
2018-19 Conference Chair – Ray Rummel, Village Manager, Elk Grove Village
The Summer Conference Subcommittee shall plan and organize the principal annual Association conference held in June, which includes the Annual Business Meeting.

Winter Conference Committee – Marriott, Normal, IL – Feb. 6 – 8, 2019
2018-19 Chair – Ken Terrinoni, County Administrator, Boone County
The Winter Conference Subcommittee shall plan and organize the Association conference held in February.

Professional Development Committee
2018-19 Chair – Sharon Tanner, Assistant Village Manager, Glencoe
The Professional Development and Education Committee shall provide information and guidelines to further the continuing education of its members. In addition, the committee assists ILCMA members in achieving continuing education goals for their respective organizations and in periodically reassessing the professional development and continuing education goals of the ILCMA membership. There shall be a commitment to the ICMA credentialing program so members are able to achieve professional development goals.  The committee is in need of representation from all affiliates as well as the general membership.

Membership Services Committee
2018-19 Chair – Peggy Halik, Assistant Village Administrator, Woodridge
The Membership Services Committee shall evaluate current services and provide recommendations on additional member services. The committee shall be responsible for facilitating a survey of the membership every two years.  Over the past few years the committee has also focused on diversity initiatives, membership development, and recruitment.

Promote the Profession Committee/Communications Committee – this committee is under review because of the adoption of the new strategic plan. It is proposed that it become a Communications Committee and encompass Promote the Profession activities as well as communication about the profession.
2018-19 Chair – TBA
The Promote the Profession Committee shall coordinate activities to promote the local government management profession to cities, villages, counties, and townships throughout the state. The committee shall also coordinate activities and provide information about the profession to educational institutions.

Committee on Professional Conduct (based on vacancy per term requirements and regional representation)
2018-19 Chair – Jim Norris, Village Manager, Hoffman Estates

The Committee on Professional Conduct is responsible for:

  • Serving as a fact-finding committee to review ICMA ethics complaints or questions involving Illinois members
  • Developing and carrying out education and training activities to promote the highest ethical standards of conduct
  • Serving as the primary liaison with the ICMA Committee on Professional Conduct

If you are interested in serving on any of the above committees, please contact Dawn S. Peters by June 18, 2018 at or call her at 815-753-0923.