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Membership Services Committee



The Membership Services Committee evaluates current services and provides recommendations on additional member services. The committee is responsible for facilitating a survey of the membership every two years.

Over the past few years, the committee has also focused on Diversity initiatives and membership development and recruitment.

Current Goals

This year the Committee is charged with the following:

  • Recruitment and Membership – The committee will continue with implementation of the structure and strategic plan established last year to reach out to existing and potential members by phone and mail
  • Diversity – The committee will continue efforts working with the Chicago Chapter of the National Forum of Black Public Administrators to plan for future joint events and overall education about each organization
  • Marketing – The committee will move forward with an idea established last year to write a new high-quality and comprehensive brochure describing all of ILCMA’s services and providing information about all affiliates (ie IAMMA, Metro Managers, etc)
  • Member in Transition – the committee will be responsible for outreach to members in transition and implementation of the member in transition program.

Member Services Committee Chair – Rich Keehner, Village Manager, Villa Park

Julia Cedillo, Village Manager, La Grange Park
Scott Coren, City Manager, Highwood
David Lothspeith, Village Manager, Long Grove
Roy Witherow, Assistant Village Manager, Lake Zurich
Doug Maxeiner, Village Administrator, Moline
Julia Cedillo, Village Manager, LaGrange Park