Strengthening the quality of local governance through professional management

IML Manager / Administrator Outreach Program


Program Background

The Illinois Municipal League (IML) Statewide Managers Committee has developed a technical resource initiative intended to provide Illinois municipalities with limited technical resources through a voluntary pool of professional managers / administrators.

What Kind of Municipality is This Program Intended to Serve?

  • The program is intended as a resource pool for municipalities that do not employ a Chief Appointed Officer such as a City Manager or Administrator.
  • The program is intended primarily for use by the elected officials or key staff people of these communities.


  • Strengthen the bond between professional management in Illinois and the IML
  • Assemble a team of volunteer professional managers with unique degrees of knowledge and expertise on various municipal topics
  • Provide Illinois municipalities with limited technical resources options that are not currently available
  • Utilize the IML’s website and monthly Review Magazine as a resource center for this program
  • Advance the value of professional management in Illinois


View tips and information on becoming a volunteer.