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ILCMA MIT Lifesaver Award

Do you know someone who has provided assistance to a member in transition (MIT)? If so, consider nominating them for recognition through the new MIT Lifesaver Award!

Anybody who has been an MIT knows it is a very difficult time and any assistance provided by their fellow ILCMA members is greatly appreciated. The Membership Services Committee has been working to develop a simple, inexpensive, durable, and easily identifiable form of recognition, in a manner that encourages and promotes such assistance to ILCMA members who assist MITs. A lifesaver-ring lapel pin will be awarded to members who provide significant, tangible assistance to an ILCMA MIT. Significant, tangible assistance may include sharing a room at an ILCMA or ICMA conference, adding an MIT to an interview process, hiring an MIT part-time, full-time, or for a special project, or inviting an MIT to a regional managers’ lunch. Applications are available on the ILCMA website and may be submitted to the Secretariat who will provide the information to the Membership Services Committee for review.