Strengthening the quality of local governance through professional management


Volunteer Qualities

Volunteers are urged to join the resource pool if they are managers / administrators and they have these qualities:

  • Have significant experience in one or more areas of local government management
  • Have experience in dealing with elected and appointed officials from other jurisdictions
  • Are from varying size organizations and different geographic locations within Illinois
  • Can assemble and share resource documents with participating officials or communities
  • Are committed to this program and advancing the value of professional management throughout the State


Volunteer managers / administrators primary responsibilities will include:

  • Responding in a timely fashion to inquiries for assistance
  • Responding verbally with the intention of opening lines of communication and making a more educated assessment of inquiry
  • Attempting to understand the problem or issue being presented and assessing what type of advice is being sought
  • Offering only general advice and background support to inquiring officials
  • Providing some general guidance with regard to mapping out a self-help strategy for inquiring officials or communities
  • Being clear and concise that feedback is general in nature and there is no universal answer to any given situation

What a volunteer manager / administrator should not do:

  • Do not make specific recommendations
  • Do not be critical about situations or scenarios presented to them by inquiring participants
  • Do not spend an enormous amount of time on any particular inquiry
  • Do not refer participants to other resources without first contacting that resource to ensure that the communication is bridged