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Senior Advisors


The International City / County Management Association (ICMA) Senior Advisor Program (formerly known as the Range Rider Program) was established by the ICMA Executive Board in 1974 to make the counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired managers of the profession available to the local government management profession. Senior Advisors are retired managers with extensive experience who volunteer their time to provide a unique source of outside counsel to their colleagues.


There are 99 Senior Advisors in the United States serving members in 27 states, which represent about 80% of the ICMA members. Senior Advisors are selected jointly by the ICMA Executive Director and the board of directors of the state local government management association where the Senior Advisor lives.

Discussion Topics

ICMA Senior Advisors are available to meet with ICMA and state association members to discuss the profession and concerns of those in the profession. Discussion topics range from relations with mayors and councils, connections with their state association or ICMA, and responses to local controversies to career development counseling and overall management questions. They also includes career development and resume review.  Senior Advisors also help communities interested in adopting or retaining council-manager government and assist mayors and councils who may be seeking a manager / administrator on a full-time or interim basis.


All discussions are confidential. Senior Advisors are friends, colleagues, and counselors to the profession, not consultants. The Senior Advisor Program is designed to help with personal and professional issues, not to provide technical assistance or to solve substantiative problems in a local government. Senior Advisors may consult with local governments as individuals, on a part-time basis, as long as the consulting does not impair the effectiveness of the Senior Advisor.

Circuit Riders

The term Senior Advisor is sometimes confused with Circuit Rider. Circuit Riders, or shared administrators, are paid professionals who serve more than one community. They may not have the full responsibilities of a manager / administrator, but they provide technical assistance and often provide overall management services.


Senior Advisors  are not compensated. The only expenses that are reimbursed may include such things as telephone, transportation, luncheon fees, lodging, postage, and other reasonable expenses, which are shared by ICMA and the state association. Senior Advisors determine their own schedule since their time is donated for the betterment of the profession and support to their colleagues.


The ILCMA Senior Advisor Program follows the International City / County Management Guidelines and Manual.  ILCMA Senior Advisors offer Signs of Trouble and Steps to Take as well as other resources for members who are uncertain in their current position. To find local Senior Advisors, view the Senior Advisors for ILCMA.

ILCMA Senior Advisor Brochure of Services