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Statement of Values

Mission Statement

The Illinois City/County Management Association promotes professional local government management through its commitment to inclusiveness, adherence to the ICMA Code of Ethics, and high-quality member support.

To promote this mission, ILCMA affirms its belief in these basic values:

Inclusiveness: ILCMA members value each other’s differences and contributions to the whole by fostering an inclusive, collegial and engaging environment.
• Downstate/Urban
• Reflects the diversity of society (gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation)
• Different types of members (county, local, manager, assistant, department head, non-traditional)

Ethical Behavior: ILCMA members value ethical, professional local government management; they act as a role model to others in government service.
• Code of Ethics enforced
• Trustworthy
• Honesty
• Lead by example/model desired behavior

Advocacy for Professional Local Government: ILCMA members value actions that build trust in local government and shall advocate the good works of local government professionals.
• Outreach to build trust in local government
• Distinguish ourselves as good government role models
• Proactive, external messaging by association

Professionalism: ILCMA members value and encourage active networking, advanced learning, and the sharing of best practices.
• Professional Development
• Active Participation
• Best Practices shared and examples available

Member Support/Members in Transition (MIT): ILCMA members value the need to support self-improvement, networking and members in transition.
• Collegial emphasis and opportunities for networking
• MIT support
• High quality professional development programming
• Nurturing the individual
• Professional management

ILCMA Diversity, Equity, and Inculsion Statement of Values

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