Strengthening the quality of local governance through professional management

Statement of Values

Mission Statement

The Illinois City Management Association will promote and support professional local government management. Its members will adhere to the highest ethical standards and promote those standards within their jurisdictions. ILCMA will foster continuing professional development for its members. It will serve to maintain linkages among professionals in local government and provide support and counsel to them. In cooperation with other associations, ILCMA may lobby on behalf of local government to state and federal agencies and legislatures.

To promote this mission, ILCMA affirms its belief in these basic values:

  • Professional Management

    Local government organizations should be responsive to their constituents while providing effective and efficient services to the community. ILCMA affirms the intrinsic value of effective government service while promoting professional management of the organization.

  • Ethical Behavior

    The members of ILCMA are firmly committed to the principle that the only way to accomplish the work of our communities is with the utmost attention to personal and professional ethical conduct based on the ILCMA Code of Ethics, its tenets, and its guidelines. Ethical behavior must govern our professional and personal lives without compromise so as to preserve the integrity of professional government management.

  • Diversity

    ILCMA and its members are committed to promoting diversity in our organization and our communities. We will demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of all individuals and will provide an opportunity for different viewpoints and ideas to be expressed in an encouraging environment.

  • Assistants’ Role

    Assistants play a valuable and integral role in effective local government management through their work in government organizations and their participation in professional associations. ILCMA benefits by the demonstrated commitment, involvement, and full participation of assistants. Therefore, ILCMA recognizes that assistants should be provided the opportunity to participate actively and fully in all aspects of this association.

  • Professional Development

    Lifelong learning is an integral part of successful management. ILCMA is, therefore, committed to providing opportunities for members to engage in professional development activities on an ongoing basis.

  • Member Support

    The work of the Association and the work of government organizations served by ILCMA members are accomplished through the individual and collaborative efforts of the ILCMA member and to be successful in the professional arena, each individual must balance personal and family responsibilities with the rigorous demands of the profession. Therefore, ILCMA is committed to supporting its members in their personal, family, and professional responsibilities, thereby, assisting its members in achieving success and enjoyment in serving ILCMA and local government.