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Why Professional Management


Professional local government managers in municipalities and counties across the country make an enormous difference to the communities in which they serve. Professional managers, much like their private sector counterparts, bring together the leadership, vision, and focus on execution needed to create better communities – managing financial and human resources, delivering services, planning strategically for community development, and implementing performance metrics systems to drive continuous improvement, all within a culture committed to high ethical standards.

Statutory Forms of Government

In the state of Illinois there are five statutory forms of municipal government:

  • Aldermanic-City
  • Trustee-Board
  • Managerial
  • Commission
  • Strong Mayor

In all five forms of municipal government, as well as in county government, there is the ability to hire a professional manager. However, it is only the managerial form of government that provides professional management by State statute.

Adopting Managerial Form of Government

If a county or municipality desires professional management but does not want to adopt a managerial form of government, the governing body can adopt a local ordinance that provides for professional administration of the organization. The Administrator Form is not a statutory form. A municipality or county may hire a professional manager by passing a local ordinance to create and define the powers and duties of the position.

To get started, view Council-Manager Form of Government.

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