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Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund


The Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund (IMET) was developed in July 1996 as a cooperative endeavor to assist Illinois municipalities with the investment of their intermediate-term dollars. IMET was established as a not-for-profit investment fund under the Illinois Municipal Code. Currently serving more than 240 municipalities and public entities, IMET offers two separate investment vehicles, the 1-3 Year Fund and the Convenience Fund, to meet the investment needs of public entities.   IMET continues to receive the  highest rating available to US Government debt.

Contact Information

Sofia Anastopoulos
Executive Director
1220 Oak Brook Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 630-571-0480

Debra Zimmerman
Associate Director
5704 North State Road
Louisville, IL   62858
Phone:  618-665-4638
Fax:  618-665-4638