Strengthening the quality of local governance through professional management


PROCHAMPS offers sound public policy to deal with neighborhood decay.

How does PROCHAMPS help communities?

  • Requires banks to register, with points of contact and real people
  • Creates a direct line of communication with property managers
  • Team of dedicated professionals assigned to your community, helping to follow up with banks and getting you an answer.
  • No out of pocket costs to the community. Program is funded through registration fees

PROCHAMPS: 4 Easy Steps to Combat Foreclosure Blight

  1. Community passes a model ordinance
  2. PROCHAMPS staff researches/tracks properties, contacts banks, and gets them to register.
  3. Community receives their share of the registration fees and information on responsible parties through user-friendly and multi-functional database.
  4. Code Officials can utilize our cutting edge, web-based interactive date platform to communicate directly with banks and our team will follow-up on your behalf.

A Proven Record of Success

  • More than 125 communities utilizing PROCHAMPS throughout the nation
  • Over 1 million property registrations to-date
  • Lasting relationships-many of our community partners have been utilizing our program for 7 years or more
  • PROCHAMPS is a revenue neutral program
  • PROCHAMPS has doubled in size in the last 2 years, making us the nationwide industry standard


Stan Urban