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In an environment where citizen engagement is more important than ever, advancements in technology are offering more ways to connect with people on the mediums they use most. New methods are emerging to capture citizen input, encourage involvement in civic issues, and contribute to government outcomes.

Granicus is the leading provider of such solutions for government – helping use digital tools like email, text messaging and online forums to increase the reach of civic organizations and foster more engagement. Not only are digital solutions maximizing engagement, they are more cost-effective channels than traditional methods and don’t require the investment that system overhauls once did.

Built solely for government, Granicus’ communications and transparency tools are trusted by over 4,000 organizations around the world to:
• Engage and Inform Citizens: Communicate important information broadly via website, email, text and social media
• Empower and Activate the Community: Increase citizen involvement and direct resources where it matters most

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Phone:  202-407-7408

Steve Laner
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