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ILCMA Speakers Bureau


ILCMA is pleased to present a Speakers Bureau at Illinois colleges and universities. The Speakers Bureau consists of professionals from various disciplines of our profession who have volunteered to participate in this program.

Upon request from an educational institution, participants will address a class or event and discuss various issues including, but not limited to, union negations, tax increment financing, strategic planning, employee relations, community development, transportation planning, and more.

View a list of speakers and topics.

ICMA Next Generation Program

The Speakers Bureau was initiated as part of a collaboration with ICMA’s Next Generation Program. ICMA, working in partnership with affiliate organizations, has developed a series of activities and programs designed to help local governments educate, attract, develop, and retain individuals of all ages.

ICMA states in part, “The local government management profession is at a crossroads. The baby boomers that comprise a majority of local government managers are approaching retirement at a quickening pace, while a much smaller group of young professionals are in line and prepared to fill their shoes. Federal, state, and local statistics indicate the greatest numbers of retirees will come from the managerial ranks.” (ICMA)

To find out more about the ICMA Next Generation Program, please visit ICMA’s website.


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