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ILCMA Application Process


Applicants must submit to the ILCMA all the information required by the ICMA.

Persons interested in financial assistance should apply to the ILCMA the same time they apply to ICMA. They should inform the ICMA that they are seeking financial assistance from ILCMA. The ILCMA grant recipient must send to ICMA the same information they provide to the ILCMA.

Examples of required information include:

  • Choice of country
  • Resume
  • Description of employing local government
  • Participant’s top three professional local government achievements
  • Description of the top three problems facing the applicant’s local government
  • Objectives / issues that the applicant would like to pursue during the exchange
  • Intended outcomes

ILCMA grant applicants should contact the ICMA through the website or other means to secure specific application materials. Applicants must also agree to submit a final written report to the ICMA within 60 days of completing the exchange (This is mandatory).

Additional Requirements

Applicants need to verify additional requirements of the ILCMA. An applicant for the Exchange Program must agree to serve as host and escort for the international partner in Illinois. This may include ILCMA meetings, affiliate meetings, and/or visits to municipalities around the State. (This is subject to the availability of the international counterpart to travel here.)

Applicants for the Study Tour and Exchange Program are required to present a program at the next ILCMA Winter Conference regarding their experience (This is mandatory).

For additional information, please contact Dawn S. Peters at ILCMA at 815-753-0923.


Install ILCMA

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